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About company

  The company “ARMENT CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS BUSINESS” introducing innovative technologies, as well as preparing a team of highly qualified management and sales department, created a comfortable environment for cooperation for its partners in the Republic of Uzbekistan. We are involved in the supply of materials to public and private large projects, successfully meeting the needs of the market of Uzbekistan with high-quality products of concrete and cement additives.

The “ARMENT CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS BUSINESS” company in a short period managed to arrange the supply at the expense of the quality of the products manufactured in the first in the history of the Uzbek market for export to the CIS countries and Russia.

Our advantages

- Endless high-tech capabilities.

- There are forces! There are opportunities!

- For quality everyone is responsible.

- Strong concrete, high-quality build.

- Strong foundation, safety guarantee.



Modern concrete is a composite building material prepared on the basis of mineral binders, based on quality and strength, which contributes to the eternity of the constructed object.

The use of modern methods for the production of concrete and cement with modified additives allows to obtain materials with desired properties, manage the processes of hydration and hardening at all levels of the formation of structural composite building materials and the production of concrete and cement.

Plasticizers, such as gypsum and super-plasticizers are used in the production of mortars and concretes, setting and hardening regulators, air-entraining agents, which increase the durability of cement and concrete materials.

The output of high-strength multicomponent concretes of a new generation is significantly increasing, as a part of which hyper-plasticizer and super-plasticizer are used together.

Chemical additives in concrete in the 21st century are gradually becoming an indispensable component for high-quality concrete.

Complex additives of various functional purposes are widely used to improve a number of basic physic-technical properties and durability of mortars and concretes.

They have the full functionality capable of affecting at once several characteristics, often unrelated to each other. With the help of additives it is possible to save cement consumption and due to this unique way to reduce the cost of concrete production, at the same time to get higher quality concrete.

By combining the content of electrolytes and hydrophilizing surfactants taking into account the chemical and mineralogical composition of cement and hardening conditions, they can be effectively used under conditions of normal hardening, during heat and moisture treatment, and also during winter concreting.

A sufficiently long period of low positive and negative temperatures in the world significantly hinders the pace of construction and pouring of concrete and finishing of buildings due to a decrease in the intensity of hardening of mortars and concrete, which leads to an increase in material and energy costs to create the necessary temperature conditions for hardening.

The analysis of hardening of cement materials in conditions of negative temperatures and the mechanism of action of accelerating, antifreeze and complex additives allows to effectively ensure the unheated hardening of concrete, mortar and concrete in the frost.

The use of antifreeze additives is the easiest of technological methods to ensure the hardening of mortars and concrete at low temperatures.

Antifreeze additives can be divided into two types:

1. Substances that lower the freezing point and or set retarders.

2. Additives contributing to the strong acceleration of the processes of setting and hardening, as well as other complex additives. 

Tashkent city district Konstitutsia BLD 42

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