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Conclude a contract

Conditions of contract conclusion 

To conclude a cooperation agreement with the company “ARMENT CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS”, the buyer must send a request to visit your concrete plant by our specialist who will select the formula for your plant, this service is free for customers. Indicate in the application what quality indicators of your concrete you would like to improve, this information is written in the application in free form.

The application for the conclusion of the contract should contain the monthly volume of consumption of the additive or the volume of concrete production by you per month. All the essential conditions necessary for the execution of your order are stated in the contract.

The cooperation agreement is concluded only with your first application. For companies that sell supplements for export or want to consolidate your city for themselves, we conclude a dealer agreement, which is accompanied by advertising and informational support with posting on the official website of “ARMENT CONSTRUCTION AND CHEMICALS”, which will allow you to increase your sales geography.




Tashkent city district Konstitutsia BLD 42

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