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For cement plants

Cement additives - used to improve the technical characteristics of cement and increase productivity.

Cement additives are additives that help reduce production costs by increasing the grinding efficiency and mill tonnage, which allows us to produce products with a lower percentage of clinker, designed to take into account production processes that differ in cement plants, changes in raw materials and clinker compositions.


• Reduces the cost of cement production.

• More cement is produced in the same time.

• Plant capacity increases with power.

• Factory reduces maintenance costs.

• Saving energy and labor.

• Provides for the production of high grade cement. Thus, the production of high quality concrete is ensured.

• Improved cement quality and strength parameters.

• Improves grinding and separation efficiency.

• Reduces the need for cement water, so it has a positive effect on the strength of concrete.

• High mechanical strength is achieved for long, medium and short periods.

       • Removing problems with the packaging kit and increase mill power.

• Reduced energy consumption.

• The desired cement fineness is achieved quickly.

• Allows to freeze cement.


• PA SERIES - facilitates the first and last grinding, increases resistance

• GA SERIES– Crushing facilitator

   This reduces energy consumption by increasing tonnage by as much as 20%, delays the wear of mill equipment and plant materials, and also increases their service life, reduces costs and consumed materials.

  • KA SERIES – Raiser of first resistance

               Increased grinding performance to increase early strength at desired values

Tashkent city district Konstitutsia BLD 42

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