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Arment  construction  and  chemicals  launches an investment program with a payback period of up to 1.5 years; a thoroughly developed investment plan for the development of your business under the brand of Arment construction and chemicals according to the geography of your location.  Our economists carefully study the market we make you a business plan and a plan for its development.  According to the experience of our success in this type of business Arment construction and chemicals expands its geography to other countries by opening its offices under its brand.

The advantages of investing in a plant for the production of concrete and cement additives

The undoubted advantage of financial investments in the business project to create a plant for concrete cement additives is a quick payback. It is this criterion against the background of high profitability that first of all induces potential investors to invest in the production of concrete and cement additives. Among other advantages, attention is drawn to the efficiency of investments, due to the following factors:

  1.  Almost unlimited in sales opportunities for the finished product. Concrete additives reduce the cost of production of concrete and improve the quality of concrete, due to the use in the production of concrete chemical additives produced concrete becomes cheaper and increases competitiveness in the market of concrete producers.

Cement additives increases mill productivity up to 20 tons per hour and increases cement quality.

  1.  Trouble-free and low-cost raw material support. Deliveries of basic components of chemical raw materials do not make any difficulty.
  2. The concrete plants offered on the market (completeness, equipment configuration, production capacity and other characteristics) are very diverse. With the right approach, it is not at all difficult to find the best option for any possible investment.
  1. Modular type concrete plants, which many analysts consider to be the most effective, and therefore investment attractive, are very compact, their creation from factory-assembled ready-made components allows you to quickly adjust the range of products to market needs. Concrete modular plants are characterized by high productivity at relatively low costs - process automation also makes it possible to minimize the costs of attracting labor resources.
  2. Concrete and concrete mixtures represent a wide range of products. Even concretes of one class (brand) can differ in structure, quality and individual indicators of technical characteristics. There is always the opportunity to invest in the production, whose products bring the greatest income and are most in demand in the market.

Risks of investing in the production of concrete additives

Any investment projects have their own risks. However, in the business of concrete additives, there is objectively not much of them, the main thing is to know “control the quality of products”, be able to manage risks and control them.

The primary criteria for the effectiveness and competitiveness of concrete additives are:

• availability of modern, high-quality and high-performance equipment;

• professional support from specialists with relevant experience in the production of this kind of products and market knowledge, able to respond quickly to possible changes in the situation;

• understanding, due to what and how your plant is able to find its niche in the market and create worthy competition to existing enterprises.

• Weigh each step with experts from the central office.

Concrete admixture plant - as a production facility and investment object

Purchase and installation of equipment is the most expensive investment item. Moreover, it is not difficult to understand that all other components of success will depend on the correct choice of equipment, selection of equipment and configuration.

As already mentioned, mobile factories are the most relevant today in terms of investment attractiveness. They are considered the best solution for organizing a small or medium-sized business, allow you to quickly recoup the investment and to establish a stable high income.

Stationary enterprises are a more serious solution, oriented more towards long-term investment, although modern equipment allows you to quickly get a net profit even with this form of investment.

Given the significant difference in the price of equipment and production volumes, the choice of a stationary or mobile enterprise should be carefully calculated. For example, there is no reason to acquire a stationary plant if its capacities or even part of them will be forced to stand idle due to the lack of a well-established permanent sales market or an excess of products for their own construction needs.


It is easy to find the most suitable offer for the purchase of production facilities.

 “ARMENT CONSTRUCTION AND CHEMICALS” specializes exclusively in the organization of the entire set of equipment and production facilities for arranging mobile and stationary plants for the production of concrete and cement additives.

The key attractive factors for becoming our franchisee are:

  •  Selection of good equipment without overpaying the latest generations, different technical characteristics and cost;
  • ensuring the supply of any additional equipment for the needs of a particular production;
  • the entire set of equipment and individual premises for the creation of a complex plant for concrete additives directly for the needs of construction sites and concrete and cement plants.
  • the entire set of services for any of our customers - development of the concept, formulas of concrete and plant configuration, production of a plant for specific performance parameters, binding equipment for maximum production and their marketing plan, warranty and post-warranty service.

With us it is very easy to invest in a plant of concrete additives or to create it!

Our customers are always confident that in addition to the possibility of providing a complete set of production and auxiliary capacities, they have the right to count on the comprehensive support of the professionals of the company “ARMENT CONSTRUCTION AND CHEMICALS” at every stage of the creation and development of production.


Tashkent city district Konstitutsia BLD 42

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