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Laboratory services

1  Currently, the ARMENT CONSTRUCTION AND CHEMICALS laboratory has     an extensive list of equipment for conducting concrete tests using destructive   and non-destructive testing methods.

 All available equipment undergoes all necessary periodic verification and   calibration procedures.

 The presence of equipment and professionals from Turkey allows us to test both heavy and light aggregates, as well as select concrete compositions in accordance with the specified strength parameters and other physical characteristics.

Rendered laboratory tests:

1. Determination of the strength of concrete in products and structures by the method of shock impulse by the quality of EUROSTANDART

2. Determining the class of concrete strength

3. Determination of the strength of concrete by the method of separation with splitting

4. Testing of samples taken from the design

5. Selection of the composition of concrete

6. In prospects for 2019, certification of test methods for permeability and frost resistance of concrete

7. Testing the process of concrete production and selection of its formula by increasing the quality with a decrease in cement consumption by 20%

  2 3 4

5  6

   4. Laboratory services

 The company "ARMENT CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS BUSINESS" also offers its clients laboratory services.                  



Tashkent city district Konstitutsia BLD 42

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