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Изделия из фторопласта

In recent decades, Teflon, or Ftoroplast-4, has gained great popularity. This milky-white plastic material has become known to wide masses of the population due to its use in the production of dishes with non-stick coating (Tefal). But the scope of this polymer application is not limited to this. What Ftoroplast (or PTFE) is and where it is applied. 

Ftoroplast Property and Application

 Ftoroplast is a fluorinated synthetic white polymer that has unique properties and is used in many industries. Other Ftoroplast names are Teflon, Polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE, Ftoroplast-4, and Fluoropolymer. The very first name of the material "Teflon" has been registered as a trademark of the largest American DuPont concern. In the former Soviet Union Republics this material is traditionally referred to as ftoroplast and, sometimes, Ftoroplast-4.

Technical characteristics of ftoroplast: - The popularity of Ftoroplast is related to the fact that it has a number of physical and chemical properties, as well as technical indicators that exceed similar indicators of other materials with high dielectric characteristics and resistance to an electric arc; high electrical strength; resistance to the impacts of chemicals; low water absorption rate; small friction coefficient; low adhesion level; biological inertness; the ability to maintain its properties in a temperature range.

Areas where PTFE is used: - Today Teflon is used in almost all areas of economic activities. It is actively used in medicine, pharmaceuticals, energy and house building, motorcars and airplanes construction. The use of PTFE in the food industry is widespread. Fillers for high-temperature membrane filters, heat-resistant gaskets of various kinds, the responsible elements of block valves and control valves, the valves and pumping equipment in the chemical industry are made from this material.

Machines and mechanisms: - The structural properties of Teflon are used in the production of vehicles, machines, mechanisms, in the machine-tool industry and the aviation industry. In the machine components exposed to high loads, there are used sliding elements and bearings consisting of a metal base coated with Teflon. During operation of the mechanism, ftoroplast leaves a thin film on the surface with which it comes into contact, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the coefficient of friction. Just for the same reason, finely dispersed ftoroplast is sometimes introduced into composition of lubricants. A thin layer of a Teflon coating formed on the rubbing surfaces of elements during operation allows the mechanism to continue working for a while, if the lubricant for some reason ceased to come into the system. In addition, teflon glands and sealing elements are mandatory components of high-pressure pipelines and systems in the hydraulic construction of most machines.

Medicine and pharmaceuticals: - Ftoroplast has good compatibility with the human body; therefore, it is successfully used for the manufacture of prostheses in surgery, cardiology and dentistry. Artificial substitutes of blood vessels of the circulatory system and heart valves are made of ftoroplast. By present days Teflon has replaced titanium, the use of which for the manufacture of prostheses previously imposed a number of restrictions on human activity. Food industry: - Ftoroplast application in the food industry also deserves attention. It is used as an internal coating for pipelines and as gland seals for pumps that are used to pump various raw liquids, such as sunflower oil, lecithin, fat and milk masses. Non-stick coatings for devices used for heat treatment of food products are also made of Teflon. A great popularity was gained by Tefal Dishes with non-stick surface.                               Chemistry:-  In chemical production, the use of ftoroplast for the manufacture of the parts of isolation and control valves and pipelines, as well as the sealing elements of vessels and pipelines that  transfer liquid solutions with a high degree of chemical aggression is widespread. Due to its ability to withstand the effects of chemically active substances, the material is used in column type reactors, extractors and various vessels as a lining of surfaces which come in contact with aggressive media.                                              Electrical engineering and electronics.  - In electrical engineering, instrument making and electronics sectors, ftoroplast is used as a dielectric. An ftoroplast film - is an important component of modern high-quality cable products. Ftoroplast insulation materials are used for the production of coils, capacitors and boards. Ftoroplast insulation is able to withstand the effects of high temperature corrosive media.

Construction. -  Ftoroplast plates are the most important structural details of sliding supports for critical structures, such as bridges, galleries, car racks, overpasses and other superstructures. In the regions of  high level of seismic activity, Teflon gaskets are used in places where the floor beams rest on the columns, as well as in the places where column are installed on foundations in order to allow  a building structure element moving freely.

The production of clothing and special types of fabric: - The thinnest film, which is formed in the process of deformation of the raw materials made of Teflon, serves as a coating for special types of fabric. Such a fabric is used for sewing a high-tech clothing with water-repellent and windproof properties. At the same time, the porous material is not blocking the natural evaporation of the human body. Most up-to-date clothing for sports and outdoor activities has a thin Teflon coating.

 Summary: - As we can see, in a relatively short period of time, Teflon was able to replace a fairly wide range of materials that had traditionally been used in various fields of economic activity. The use of ftoroplast in industry is a good example of the fact that the successful implementation of new technologies can significantly improve the quality of the technical solutions applied.

Ftoroplast Products

The company "ARMENT CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS" performs the whole range of works related to the design, assembly, manufacture and installation of products made from ftoroplast, such as ftoroplast rings, pipelines, etc.

The entire production cycle is carried out on modern high-tech equipment, which is a guarantee of product’s quality.

We offer for delivery: 

• Ftoroplast rings;

• Ftoroplast-4 rods, discs, plates, and compositions based on this material;

• Ftoroplast sealing materials produced from ftoroplast-4D;

• Ftoroplast electrical insulating films and capacitor foils;

• Nonoriented tapes of ftoroplast;

• Ftoroplast electrical insulation tube;

• Laboratory glassware made of ftoroplast-4MB and ftoroplast-4;

and many other products made of this unique material.

Ftoroplast Rods and Disks.

Rods and discs made of ftoroplast-4, ftoroplast-4A and ftoroplast-4M are intended for the manufacture of sealing-, electrical insulating-, antifriction-, chemically resistant structures, as components  of process equipment (gaskets, collars, liners, bearings, filters, membranes, etc.)

These are manufactured according to specifications TU 6-05-810 (by the method of vertical and horizontal pressing) and according to TU 605-041-535-74 (by the method of plunger extrusion).

Rods and discs are made of finely ground Ftoroplast-4 (PTFE-4) of 50 - 2000 mm height and of 3 - 1200 mm diameter.

It is possible to manufacture rods and discs of all composite materials based on Ftoroplast -4TM, as well as to manufacture products of non-standard dimensions.Ftoroplast bushings and tubes

Pipes and bushings made of Ftoroplast -4 and Ftoroplast -4TM which are manufactured by the method of pressing or extrusion, followed by heat treatment, are intended for the manufacture of sealing-, electrical insulating-, antifriction-, chemically resistant structural elements to be used as pipelines and shaped parts of pipelines for transportation of aggressive media under pressure (with the exception of alkali metal melts, chlorine trifluoride and fluorine).

Ftoroplast pipes and bushings are also designed for the manufacture of various parts for electrical insulation and anticorrosion purposes.

 Finely ground Ftoroplast -4 sleeves are manufactured with an outer diameter ranging from 10 mm to 1200 mm and an internal diameter from 3 mm to 1000 mm, a height from 20 mm to 2000 mm.

We are ready to produce sleeves from all composite materials.

The pressure of the working medium, depending on the operating temperature, is calculated using the formulas given in specifications TU 6–05–1876–79.

The range of temperatures for operating the pipes and bushings varies from minus 200 °C to plus 260 °C.

Fine-milled and fine-dispersed ftoroplast -4 pipe production processes makes it possible to increase the tube mechanical strength.

Pipes and fittings made of this material can withstand hydraulic pressure up to 0.6 MPa.
It is possible to manufacture pipes with an outer diameter of 15 - 600 mm with a wall thickness of 2.5 - 12 mm. The pipe length is up to 6000 mm.

Our experts are always ready to advise you to choose pipes depending on the operating conditions at your enterprise.

Ftoroplast Rings

 Rings and other sealing materials made of ftoroplast   are characterized by high thermal resistance (-200 ºС to + 260 ºС), and by actually absolute chemical neutrality.

The gland seal leak off corresponds to DIN standard for sealing rings. Ftoroplast products are installed in static flange and end connections that are operating under high or ultra low temperature conditions (particularly in cryogenic plants) and in aggressive media as well.

To order ftoroplast sealing rings, it is necessary to specify the required dimensions: the inner diameter of the ring and the diameter of the cross section. If dimensions in the documentation for the equipment are specified in accordance with GOST, our specialists will select the required ring dimension from the DIN range. It is also possible to manufacture the product according to the sample provided. Our engineers will take measurements of the seals or rings themselves.

Tashkent city district Konstitutsia BLD 42

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